Gator State Bathrooms


Gator State Bathrooms is a premier bathroom remodeling and repair company that services the Jacksonville, Florida area. Our main specialties include bathroom remodels, tub or shower conversions, and bathroom repairs. We believe in offering excellent customer service and use high-quality materials for all of our remodels. At Gator State Bathrooms, we aim to be more than just your local remodeling contractors, but a company that you can trust to treat your home as we would our own. Take a look at the following values that separate Gator State Bathrooms from our competition.

Expert Craftmanship

 At Gator State Bathrooms, our high level of craftsmanship is something that we take pride in. While any remodeling company can say that craftsmanship is something that they care about; we believe that truly expert craftsmanship comes from years of experience and a passion for remodeling that only is present for contractors that sincerely care about the quality of work they are performing. All of our contractors live up to this value so that our customers can get a high level of quality they are expecting with our remodels.

Attention to Detail

Our next value is what makes a difference in our service for our customers. Attention to detail for Gator State Bathrooms means going the extra mile and making sure that all the small details of your project are handled with care. Small details are often overlooked by contractors to complete your remodeling project faster. True attention to detail takes into account the timeline for your project and allocates contractors efficiently to take on that project so that the details don’t get lost in translation. Our customers love that we make sure that all the small details are accounted for with their projects as our first thought and not an afterthought.

Customer is First

While we have listed this value last, last is certainly not least. Everything that we do for our customers is because our customer is always first. We want to make sure that your experience working with us is not only highly customized but a special experience that you will remember for the next time that you decide to remodel. Working with Gator State Bathrooms, you get to call the shots and we are happy to help assist you to do so.
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